BDBC Sciences seeks to work with and support innovative entrepreneurs and to play an active role in helping them to build successful enterprises. In order to be most efficient and respectful of entrepreneurs' and our Members' time, we only accept companies that are referred to us through our extensive network. It is our experience that we are much more likely to find and work with companies sourced through our trusted network than with companies that come across the transom. Companies that are active in the many entrepreneurial networks in the region will find ways to get a referral to BDBC Sciences.

While only about 1% of companies we see receive funding, we try to add value for all companies that approach us. Frequently, this involves providing feedback on their offering, making referrals to other sources of capital and making connections across our networks.

We want our money and expertise to make a difference. We look for situations where strategic use of early capital and sound business advice will catapult a company to critical milestones: bringing on key hires, finishing the minimum viable product, proving market demand.

In a typical first round situation, BDBC Sciences Corp invests between $200,000 and $2,500,000. We then work with the company to proceed to the next stage whether it is to assist with proof of concept, helping recruit new members to your management or board of directors team, develop strategic partners, refine product and market strategies, and raise your next round of funding.

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