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Please include your name (or a nickname) and your country. Your Comments Payday loans bought a 1988 Delta 1600 GTie last year. It had 40000 miles on the clock, and it has now 75000. The engine, the gearbox are still Ok, but I have problems with rust : around the windshield, on the payday loans, and inside the front wheel arches. I also had problems with leaks: engine, cooling system and transmission arms, but all this is Ok now. The clutch payday loans no credit check was changed at 50000 miles, and the car work pretty well now.

Front shock absorbers were changed at 65000 miles, the exhaust at 55000 and font discs at 60000 miles. I appreciate its very revvy engine, its excellent roadholding, its good recaro seats and its equipement. It accelerates from 0 to 60 in 9secs, its top speed is 118, and generally, it runs 35 mpg.

But it's a bit too noisy, it rusts, its steering is awful and it needs to be maintained very carefully. I can tell you this car has an excellent resistance against shocks, which explains why bumpers are so expensive : 3000 frs, paint included. payday loans no credit check I paid my car 11000 frs and i'm very pleased with it. The main problem is the availability in spare parts : brown-tinted windows are impossible to find ( only green ), but I don't wish i had bought another car. Delta has perfect design and excellent acceleration.

I really love this car. The engine is now still working like new. I have probems with rust around the windshield,on the doors, back dor at the roof,and inside the front whellarches.

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