The Hidden Mystery Behind World Of Tanks Blitz

The Hidden Mystery Behind World Of Tanks Blitz

Players who are new to the World of Tanks scene may not be knowledgeable about the game counterpart, World of Tanks Blitz. To bring those players up to speed, we have put together a brief overview of what World of Tanks Blitz is, how it differs from the PC version of World of Tanks, and in which players can go to get it.

World of Tanks Blitz is the mobile version of World of Tanks that initially was available for Android and iOS devices before releasing for Windows 10 and eventually starting on Steam in late 2016. It shares several similarities to the typical PC edition of World of Tanks, but due to device limitations that are mobile, Blitz has a simpler subset of features. In a sense, Blitz could be regarded as World of Tanks "lite".

Like the first, World of Tanks Blitz is a free-to-play MMO focused on multiplayer tank battles. Players use touchscreen controls to maneuver their tank throughout the battlefield. As we mentioned, World of Tanks Blitz isn't just available for mobile devices, but it's outside for Steam as well. The game is cross-platform, meaning that Blitz players on Steam have been paired with gamers on cellular to maintain a pool of opponents.

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Here is where you can download World of Tanks Blitz according to your platform or device:

Online games in Blitz consist of smaller 7-vs-7 team conflicts on 18 different multiplayer maps. There are over 200 vehicles that are playable available from seven nations, such as Germany, China, Japan, the USSR, UK, USA, and now France. Check out the French vehicles which were introduced to World of Tanks Blitz in the upgrade review movie above.

Aside from enabling gamers to perform with tanks on the go, one of the attributes of Blitz for World of Tanks players would be that the +1/-1 matchmaking system. This usually means that opponents on each team is only going to be one tank tier away from each other. You won't face an enemy two tiers greater than your tank routine just like you do in World of Tanks PC. Matches are much shorter as well, which means that you can jump to battles, since the teams are a lot smaller.

World of Tanks Blitz is a game that offers a way to get on your tank. If you are a World of Tanks player who plans to Blitz, remember that the player base has a different feel than what you could possibly be used to on PC.

The maps are somewhat smaller as well, which can alter certain tank roles are all played. For instance, players that are utilised to long range sniping in Tank Destroyers may need to adjust their play mode to adapt for the distances of the Blitz maps.

World of Tanks Blitz is a great option for players looking for a simple yet addictive solution to the container MMO we all know and love, particularly for those looking to become in a few battles while away in their gaming PC. Should you play World of Tanks Blitz, let us know what your favorite aspect of the game is at the comments below! Website URL:
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